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Standing 5' tall, I know what it feels like to be defined by your size and I’m living proof that you’re bigger and better than that. That's why my mission is to always be an advocate for the little guys – like you. The locals, the hustling entrepreneurs, the underdogs and multi-passionate creatives who have the biggest heart for serving others.



The footprint

Design is here to engage and connect in a memorable way. When you see it, you feel it – and it makes an impression that lasts. That’s why I dive into every project with a strategic mind, a refined aesthetic, and a whole lotta heart so you feel confident and empowered every step of the way.

Staci A.

"Tessa INVESTED the time to truly UNDERSTAND what we wanted and produced a product that was even BETTER than we IMAGINED. LOVED working with such a creative and kind person!"


Whether you're cutting a red ribbon or cleaning out dust bunnies, we'll dig deep into discovering what makes you, you. Five Foot Studio clients come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing's for sure – they all recognize the impact of purposeful visuals. They know the value of investing in a strategy that seamlessly integrates who you are with what you offer to the person who needs you most.

With collaboration and trust at the core, we're able to work side-by-side to solve any problem with a creative solution. The result? A perfect fit.

My availability varies throughout the year, but I typically book projects 1-3 months in advance. Timelines will depend on the scope of your project, but if you have a specific deadline that needs to be met please let me know right away. To get an idea of my current availability, just say hey to get in touch!

No two projects are exactly the same. That's why we start with a discovery call to chat about your specific needs and goals. After our discussion, I put together a customized estimate just for you. Payment plans are always available. After you secure your project with a 30% deposit, we'll break up the remaining balance into multiple payments to make your investment manageable for you and your budget.

While there are many variables involved, my pricing is broken down into three major factors: time, value, and experience. Design takes time to make a big impact on your business – from building stronger connections with your audience to conveying the purpose and quality of what you do. My goal is to help your business connect on every level. More than just a confidence boost, I want you to feel empowered by being seen, understood, and included every step of the way. That’s why I go the extra mile to walk you through my process and educate you on how to use your branding well on your own. After four years of designing corporately, I have a good idea of how my experiences and skills measure up within the industry. I always try to price myself fairly to keep my services accessible for you, while keeping these factors and expenses in mind.

We’ll begin the creative process with a questionnaire that sets the stage for our project. As the expert in your business, you'll outline the foundation for my creative direction. From there, I'll channel all of my creative energy into developing one strategic solution that truly answers your business needs and goals.

You'll be presented with detailed rationale, various brand elements, and application mockups, so you can see your brand on screen and in real life. We'll continue to refine the deliverables as I welcome and encourage your thoughts and perspective. This holistic approach will establish a collaborative experience where we can both utilize each of our strengths and from it, create a brand full of purpose.


Redefine your size

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